Cider Conference 2019

In April, the second round of CIDER concludes with the CIDER International Conference. The program includes 4 keynotes by leading scholars of the various disciplines represented in CIDER:

    Prof. Dr. Eric Hanushek (Stanford University),
    Prof. Dr. Claudia Buchmann (Ohio State University),
    Prof. Dr. Lysann Zander (Leibniz University Hannover),
    Prof. Dr. Erin Leahey (University of Arizona).

Further, the CIDER fellows will present and discuss the interdisciplinary projects they carried out during the past 3 years in CIDER-funded micro groups. The conference will close with a roundtable discussion on achievements, challenges, and ways forward in interdisciplinary research on education inequality. Guests include researchers working on educational issues from all over the world.

The conference is invite-only.

Below you can download the conference program.